On July 22 over 2000 teachers protested outside the Iranian regime’s ‘parliament’ on Baharestan Square. Over 100 were arrested after they were beaten by police.

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Workers in the Gulf port of Asaluyeh continue their protest for payment of their unpaid wages. Continue reading ‘Asaluyeh workers continue protest for payment of unpaid wages’

In its latest report the Statistical Centre of Iran says that the official unemployment rate has climbed up to 10.6 per cent.

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The industrial dispute of the 120 workers of Iran Barak, a wool mill in Rasht, reached its 42nd day today.

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The struggles of the Turkish metal workers are developing rapidly. The following is IWSN’S solidarity message to them. Continue reading ‘IWSN’S solidarity message to Turkish metal workers’

The following is a report from the Labour House’s May Day ceremony in Tehran.

Workers' Action Committee

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