shahrokhAccording to the Shahrokh Zamani Defence Campaign and other activists Shahrokh Zamani was returned to Rejai Shahr prison on April 14. During his transfer three guards beat him severely, causing bleeding in his ear and breaking his glasses.

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shahrokhShahrokh Zamani, membre du Syndicat des Peintres, a été accusé par le régime iranien de « mise en danger de la sécurité nationale » et de « participation à une organisation illégale », suite à sa tentative de construire un syndicat indépendant.

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shahrokhشاهرخ زمانی، عضو سندیکای نقاشان ساختمان، پس از تلاش برای برپایی یک اتحادیۀ کارگری مستقل، با اتهام «اقدام علیه امنیت ملی» و «اجتماع و تبانی در یک نهاد غیر قانونی» رو به رو گردید.
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According to the Iranian Labour News Agency (ILNA) Iran Tyre sacked 80 contract workers and day labourers on January 25 and a further 130 on January 26. Iran Tyre managers intend to sack more workers by the end of the current Iranian year on March 20.

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On Monday 22 March the Iranian regime’s embassy in Stockholm was picketed by Swedish labour and socialist activists.

Iranian New Year’s day (21 March) is once again upon us. During the past nine months, while the world’s attention has been fixed on the massive street protests in Tehran and other cities of Iran, the appalling economic situation of Iranian workers has become even worse.

The minimum wage announced for the New Year (1389) is merely US$303 a month. This is not even enough to pay the rent for a family of four! Although this represents a 15 per cent increase on last year’s minimum wage, it obviously will not meet the most basic needs of workers and their families. In addition, since the planned $20bn cuts in subsidies are expected to increase inflation to 37 per cent or more, many working class families will be forced to the brink of starvation!

Unpaid wages, factory closures, and many other ongoing problems will make workers’ working and living conditions worse than at any time since the economic crisis of 1975-77. The regime’s solution to the deteriorating economic situation a neo-liberal programmes that is familiar to everyone to workers of all countries: phasing out subsidies, privatisation, budget cuts, raising taxes, deregulation and so on. Taken together with the general explosive climate in society during the past nine months, these factors are bound to make this a historic year for the Iranian working class.

The Iranian regime’s systematic persecution, jailing and torturing of labour activists who to defend and improve their pay and working conditions, and to set up trade unions and other labour organisations, will compel the workers to struggle against the bosses and their government more resolutely than ever before.

This year, despite nine months of heightened general repression and brutal intimidation, together with an escalation in the overall level of violence, arrests and sackings, the workers have not been cowed. We defend the workers’ struggles and protests for the payment of unpaid wages, New Year bonuses, inflation-proof pay rises and all other economic and political demands.

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network calls on trade unionists, labour activists and socialists throughout the world to protest outside the embassies and consulates of the Iranian regime in support of Iranian workers in their struggles against their dire economic situation and lack of trade union rights.

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network
21 March 2010


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