Once again Iran’s teachers have had to protest against low wages and their low status compared to other state employees.

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The following is IWSN’s solidarity message to the Turkish metal workers. Continue reading ‘Solidarity Message to Turkish Metal Workers’

london-11feb2015On Wednesday February 11, the 36th anniversary of the 1979 revolution, a group of activists picketed the London embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The protesters included comrades from Alliance for Workers’ Liberty, the Free Shahrokh and Reza campaign, Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network and Iranian Revolutionary Marxists’ Tendency (IRMT). The group also included members of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT), Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) and the National Union of Teachers (NUT). Continue reading ‘London picket in defence of Shahrokh Zamani, Reza Shahabi and all jailed workers in Iran’

The following statement by Shahrokh Zamani was translated by Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network.

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Over 1,000 workers at the Safa Rolling and Pipe Mills in Saveh are continuing their protest for a third day. On the second day of the protest production at the plant was brought to a standstill.

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The following notice was first published on the Free Shahrokh and Reza! campaign blog.

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Across Iran thousands of teachers struck against low pay and grading after the regime’s authorities repeatedly ignored pleas about their economic situation.

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